Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kafka 12" and Price Of Silence 7" - OUT NOW!

 KAFKA - 8 track LP, 12" = 90sek (reg), 100sek (blue/turquoise ltd).

PRICE OF SILENCE - They aim..., 7" = 40sek (reg), 50sek (red ltd).

D-Takt & Råpunk, Tote bag, lightblue w/ white print = 40sek.
D-takt & Råpunk, Benefit t-shirts (S, M, L, XL, XXL) = 100sek.

Stuart at No Rules Printing (U.K.) was one of the first to contact me after the flood. He himself had been through the same thing in 2006 so he could relate to my situation. He offered on the spot to print 50 shirts at his expense. At the same time a good friend in Australia (read Yeap) asked me what he could do to help. So I killed two birds with one stone! Here's the result. Exclusive art by Yeap the Human Warhead. All the profits will go to rebuild the label.

These are also my
two first release since the flood. I have used some of the money that people have contributed to afford it. These two vinyls is as much your release as it's D&R.
Thank you! I have more vinyls in the pipeline, but I have to sell some of these two and save more money first. My "savings" is completely all gone and I have to start from zero and nothing again. It will probably take at least a year before I'm completely restored and 100% on track again. But with your help and support the past 6 month this is no longer an impossibility. It's thanks to you that this label will survive. 

* Shipping will be added to all prices.

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Kul att du är igång igen!

Beställning skickad!

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