Wednesday, July 1, 2015

偏執症者 (Paranoid) = New song/video

Taken from the upcoming album, which is delayed and expected in September. Like any other punk vinyl releases throughout the world right now. Arrghh! The result and the beauty of Record fucking Store Day and the "new" vinyl hype among all genres.
once again, the major labels have found a way to earn yet a few dollars more as the kids buy 'Back on black' 180g vinyl. They rip their vinyls into low resolution mp3's and
listen to their newly bought Iphone and call themselves "trve vinyl freak" on instagram. WTF!? I'm not bitter, I just think that the world is corrupt and lopsided.

, we figured offer something extra to celebrate that we are hitting the roads again.
See you all in Norrland and Oulu, Finland this weekend.
Blow your speakers!

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