Monday, November 23, 2015

On the road...again...and again... + IMPORTANT messages!

25/11 Linköping, The Crypt
26/11 Göteborg, Musikens Hus
27/11 Oslo, Blå
28/11 Arvika, Kvarteret

This past year I have been the worst at check and answer my emails. Not to speak of the past two months as I've been terribly bad! I'm well aware. My time is extremely limited which I truly felt the last few weeks. Which you all might have noticed as well. I do get all of your emails and trust me, I don't ignore you on purpose, I have simply no time to reply. My deepest apologies!
I have no idea how many times I wrote "I'll have a look tomorrow or latest the day after" and "Please have patience, mail you back asap!" the past weeks. Fuck, just shoot me already for repeating myself over and over again! I try my very best catching up, but its never enough. Always
one step forward and two hundred back.

These are the facts; I still dont own a cell-phone so I have to turn on my old computer and wait for about 5min before it wakes up everytime time I'll check my mail.
I don't get an email straight into my inside jacket pocket on a mobile as most other today. Latley I've also had "Computer free days/weekends". Which means that I turn it off thursday night and logging in again monday morning. A few days out of reach, so to speak.
In the past I had ALL D-takt & Råpunk stuff at home (
in my apartment), which I dont have today. I have it all at "The D-beat Dungeon", and there I'm only 1-2 times/week. When I'm at the warehouse I try my very best at answering and packing as many packages as possible. But try answer +150mails, weigh tons of orders and pack +35 packages in 2-3hours. Good luck with that! ;o)

I have a day time job, play in no less then four...five...six(?) active (touring/recording/rehearsing) bands/projects, make layout stuff for all the bands (plus others), work as a sound engineer, run a label that just released six new releases + try keep up with some kind of family life on top of that. Yes,
I need to cut back on a few things.

I really hate people who whine and complain about their situation, and I don't seek or ask for your pity, I only try to get you to understand what my life looks like. And I must be completely honest with you, I have questioned myself and my lifestyle last month. I love it all, but do I really have the time? Is it worth it? In one way or another, all are suffering. People have to wait several weeks for a response, I get anxious because I always behind with everything, and my family gets an absent and very confused person that is barely home. My head is a total mess, more than usually, and I'm constantly tired. And I still owe the bank 80.000sek ($8700/8200€) for a loan I took after the flood.

It's barely that I see the fun in it anymore. It's mostly just bunch of musthaves, demands and complaints. It kind of turned into a shitty job with bad working hours and no pay. The combination of that I'm very tired, current mainstream vinyl hype and people always misunderstand me and think I don't care about them just because I don't answer in a week makes me question the whole thing. Maybe it's just better to end it all?

People get
annoyed if they do not get an answer within two hours, and in some cases I cant blame them. But how much I try, I don't have time with everything that should be done. I think it's a damn shame that I dont have time for my friends and to not be able answer on a more personal level than simply answering "yes/no", or a total of a record order in my emails. Fucking sucks!

large and very important factor in the whole situation is the current vinyl hype as I just mentioned. Record store day, major labels making money on vinyl re-issues blah blah bullshit. That plus constantly having to argue with pressing plants like Xvinylx (mail for further info), delayed releases and yet more...complains. It makes you just wanna closing for good and never to open again. I mean the last D&R releases I waited over EIGHT month and spent countless hours/days mailing and calling the pressing plant and various courier firms. What the fuck?!  
The prices for pressing a vinyl have gone up and the pressing plants give you much worse quality and service. Pay more for less. Bad equation if you ask me. Its like the pressing plants dont give a fuck about the DIY labels that kept them alive since the CD revolution in th 90's. Sadly, money talks.

Then we have Postnord (swedish post service). They turned totally out of control. Dont even get me started...
I'm at war with everyone and everything. In any case, people who don't behave and do what they get (over) paid for.

often point out in my emails that I have little time and that they should be patient if their package may take an extra day or two.
I have to thank you all that really take it in a good way and are actually cool with it and patiently just waiting for your turn. It may take some time but I ALWAYS answer ALL mails that I get, sooner or later. It's only SPAM-mails from bands asking for a "record deal" that may take several years before I answer. Don't hold your breath while you wait, just saying.

Since I have very much to do and think about right now, and if you have not received a response within 2-3 weeks, then mail me again please. In some cases it is good with a little reminder. I dont mind at all =) But sending me 2-3 mails in a day wont help at all.
Dont get me wrong, I love getting mails and I'm really greatful for all your orders. Keep em coming.

To sum up and finish this post; after these four dates (see above), I'll be home just for ONE day to repack before I leave again. Another week on the desolate roads in Finland with 偏執症者 awaits. See tour dates here
Which means I will have very limited and poor access to internet and answering mails/orders coming weeks. Distro/shop will be closed until Dec. 10. Help me spread the message and word. Please have patience, I'll mail you back asap! Haha.  

As always, mail me as much as you want but be prepared that it might take a little while before you get an answer.
I aim to have an empty inbox in late December, for I will take a well-deserved break from everything for at least two months starting 2016-01-01.

Ain't music fun?
Soundtrack: De Lyckliga Kompisarna - Bara tiden är ny


Thomas said...

Ett tips, skaffa en smartphone och avlasta stressen genom att du kan svara mail när du inte har tillgång till en dator.
Det skulle ge dig lite avlastning tror jag.

D-takt & Råpunk said...

THOMAS: jo kanske, eller så skulle det ge än mer huvudvärk och jobb dygnet runt. jag blir stressad och galen bara av när andras telefoner blinkar och piper hela tiden. alla dessa gamnackar till vänner som hellre stirrar ner i sina mobiler när man ska försöka umgås eller före en konversation. ovärdigt! =) tror det är lättare att bara kapa några grenar istället för att skapa nya beroenden och måsten. men, men, den som lever får se. har faktiskt övervägt det, men för andra syften.

Kristoffer said...

Ge fan i att skaffa mobil. Tror bara det skulle göra dig ännu mer stressad. Flytta ner till Malmö så kan jag hjälpa dig med bolaget, har en jävla massa tid över ;)