Saturday, December 23, 2017

NEW releases x5 - OUT NOW!

Finally!!! I have been worse than terrible to handle and respond to mail last year(s). There's no excuse, only life that came in beween. Starting mid January next year, I will start working again and return to the "normal" everyday life. Hopefully it will make it easier for me to keep it all up. As always, thank you for your understanding and patience. Lets end this year in the best possible way with five hard hitting releases. Both regular and limited coloured vinyls for most titles available. Go nuts!

* EXPLOATÖR - S/t, 12" (black/trasp. orange) = 100/120sek
* WARCHILD - Haunting images..., 12" (transp. violet only!) = 100sek
* MISILISKI - Kioku No Kage E.P., 7" (black/turquoise) = 45/50sek
* PRICE OF SILENCE - Architecture.., 12" (black/white) = 85/105sek
* LANGUID - Oblivion EP, 7" (black only!) = 45sek
* D-takt & Råpunk Records, Tote bag = 50sek

* Det Ofrivilliga Lidandets Maskineri, 12″ (black + LTD green vinyl)
* Människans Ringa Värde, 12″ (black + LTD white vinyl)
* S/t, 12″ (black + LTD red vinyl)
* Söndra & Härska, 12″ (black + LTD silver vinyl)
* Skellefteå Hardcore 2000-2009, 12″ (black + LTD purple vinyl)
* Helvetesboxen (both 'Dö Hårt' and 'Mjukis' version)
* Helvetespunk, 7" (black vinyl)

12" black = 135sek/each
12" ltd colored = 150sek/each
Box-set = 1200sek/each
7" = 55sek/each
+ shipping. Free Totalt Jävla Mörker tour poster for free with all TJM orders. Ask for it.

For those who want to buy our previous releases and other hardcore punk records, just click this outdated SHOP link. New printed 11 years anniversary D&R tote bag (red w/ long handle and black print on both sides) for free with orders over 500sek. Just ask for it! Labels/distros get in touch for w/s. We do still send world wide. we come. Mot en strålande framtid!

Soundtrack: Sex Dwarf - Rough mixes for upcoming record

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