Sunday, May 15, 2011

Warvictims/Disable split review

"As we head full-on into May, the old adage of April showers bringing certain fresh-smelling and colourful plants is rudely crushed into the dirt by the heels of bullet-belted crust punks and their manifesto for their gloomier-than-thou outlook on life, herein played by Atlanta, Georgia's DISABLE and Gothenburg, Sweden's WARVICTIMS. This recent split single allows for maximum venting on issues of dirty politics, the gory results of war, and other pleasantries whilst blitzkrieg-style riffs steamroll over an earthquake of drums in tracks like DISABLE's "Enola" and WARVICTIMS "Take Control". Fans of d-beat and hardcore will undoubtedly find their holy grail here and kudos to local lanky punker THE FOAT for bringing this to the masses via his CHARGED//DISTORTED label".

The review is from the Vancouver college radio magazine, Discorder.

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