Friday, February 15, 2013

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: The limited version of Institution is now officially sold out. BUT 30-35% who order from us never pay and complete their orders. So don't mistrust yet because we will probably have a few for sale in two weeks. I always give everyone up to two weeks before I put the records up for sale again. We still have plenty of black ones in stock though. Same music, same cover, even 5sek cheaper. I will take care of all your mails/orders after the weekend. Be patient. Thanks.

Need some weekend reading? Suspect Device just updated their blog with a new Desperat interview. Paper zine to follow. You can also read about us in the latest Zero Tolerance Magazine (#51). Cheers Corm! Our first show for -13 is booked too, read more about it here.

Soundtrack: The Baboon Show - People's Republic Of The Baboon Show Formerly Known As Sweden

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Anonymous said...

Fukk. Skulle precis lägga en beställning på den ju. Jaja, får invänta och se om några struntar i att betala (korsar fingrar och tår)