Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekend madness + february mailorder

By far the best hardcore seven inch I've heard in years, okey months. Really intense and furious songs including all "must haves" needed in a classic hardcore song. When a friend told me about Coke Bust the first time I thought he said "Cock Bust", what a worthless band name was all I could think about.
Another kick-ass band that you really need to check up is Side Effects from Oakland, US. I demand you! I have listen to their cassette lp more than 25-30 times in the past week. Am not kidding. Am pretty convinced that these two bands will give you a pleasant friday.

New mailorder zine for february is out, besides the updated distro list there's an interview with Martyrdöd, which 12" should be out next week (I'll keep you posted). But also Sound Pollution's record of the month + more punk related stuff. Free with orders, not for sale!

Last but not least, after years of delay the Warvictims/Skunk split 7" is out apparently. last thing. Got the re-press of Desperat's "Demokrati eller diktatur" on yellow vinyl this week too.

Haha, I forgot, do you wanna hear a sample from the upcoming Institution 7"? Thought so. Just tune in this sunday and crank up your speakers and you will get high voltage swedish hardcore. Yeah. Well, that's it, no more news for this friday. Have a nice weekend.

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