Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back in cold Sweden again. R.I.P

It's always nice to come home again after having been out on the roads. We had a blast and the United States lived up to my expectations and more. I really hope to go back soon again. Thanks to everyone who made ​​this tour possible! Foat, my main man, love ya even more now after I met you in person. We saw and played with so many awesome bands, and we slept at some cool houses too. We eat nothing but junk though. Hehe. It was so much fun to finally meet everyone that I only had contact with in person. Thanks for all your support, it means alot. My camera broke down in Portland and I have had very limited access to the internet, but I have some photos that I might post shortly...

Well back home, I was greeted by very very sad news. An old and good friend of mine passed away while we were in the states. I have him to thank for a lot and you could say that he was my mentor when I started to release records in the mid/late 90s. We had many collaborations in the beginning and he taught me a lot. If it wasn't for him, maybe it wouldn't have been any D&R Rec. today. We didn't have that good contact the last few years, but we talked on the phone as recently as six months ago. As always, he was excited about everything, and he had just set up his recording equipment again. I will truly miss him and our long conversations about punk, releases and devotion. Rest in peace my friend, see you on the other side!

Soundtrack: Apocalypse Now

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