Tuesday, June 10, 2014

偏執症者 (Paranoid) - Destroy Future Less System, 5 Track E.P. = OUT NOW!!!!!!!

After months of waiting they came at last! We couldn't be more pleased with how it all turned out. Fucking amazing cover artwork by Alex Heir and Gaki is our main man. We haven't got all the vinyls yet and to be honest we have no idea if we ever will. Haha. Therefore, we will only sell a limited number via mail order. First come, first served. No exceptions! We'll bring the rest with us on the upcoming shows next week.

We also printed a new t-shirt (black w/ silver print) to celebrate that the E.P. is finally out. 100x black vinyl + alternate screen printed fold-up sleeve is coming soon. The covers have disappeared?!

* 偏執症者 - Destroy Future... 5 Track E.P. (green vinyl) = 45sek
偏執症者 - Destroy Future... T-shirt (S, M, L, XL, XXL) = 90sek
+ postage.

For orders please mail at pndftw(a)gmail.com For w/s and further info get in touch with Konton Crasher.

UPDATE (13/6): Got an email with some good news from Gaki this night; "It's just about midnight, Friday the 13th, It's a full moon. I think it's a good time to release the limited Paranoid. I'm doing that now".

We will get a few copies within a week or two!

Soundtrack: Alice Cooper - He's back (dedikerad till Emil & Tanja)


Thomas said...

Vart ska ni spela?

D-takt & Råpunk said...

THOMAS: 19/6, Liffey/Stockholm. 21/6, K-town/Köpenhamn. 22/6, Tba/Oslo. Ses där!