Wednesday, June 4, 2014


"Electric Funeral’s sound is a metallic wall of filthy distortion, full of dis-passion ..this is loud, dirty & raw without a doubt, but what makes them so killer is that they still retain this layer of blackened groove to their tunes, On every song, the guitars turn out distorted riffs of death".

21 january 2012 I recived an mail from Greg at Southern Lord were he wrote "Just wanted to drop a line to tell you that the "D-beath Noise Attack/Make A Change lp is fucking crushing!!! Ive tracked down other recordings via the net and they have also melted my face!!!!! If your ever looking for a label to work with in the future please keep us in mind!".

We have been in contact on and off ever since. My plan/idea has always been to release this discography on Southern Lord since Greg shown such interest and passion for my work. But it took me almost two years (?) to collect all the material and info while he waited patiently. I have my own (primitive) way of seeing and doing things but Greg always given me space and respected my choices. I know that I can be a total pain in the ass to work with, especially when it comes to the details. Still he never gave up on me, not once. For that I am truly grateful! I would've given up after 5-6 months.
after all the hard work, I can finally proudly present the Total "discography" Funeral, a 2xLP with 53 tracks in total! Compiles all demo cassettes, 7"s, unreleased stuff etc.. In fact, every goddamned track I ever recorded up to this date.

I also wanna give a shout out to Brad/Audiosiege for re-mastering all the songs and Samantha/Bloodbank for the
graphics. Thanks.

fastest and easiest way to get hold of this double lp is to buy it directly from Southern Lord. The t-shirt (in the picture above) is an exclusive design for this release and will only be sold via their web shop! I will get a bunch of the vinyls that I will have for sale on this blog in a few weeks. There will also be a limited "band deluxe" edition made in 50 copies. More info about that later. Last but not least, Electric Funeral in digital hell!!! I'm fucking excited! Damn.

Soundtrack: Napalm Raid - Drowning

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Jocke you really deserve it! Through blood, sweat and darkness. CK82