Monday, May 30, 2016

Jawbreaking Mangel Devastation

1/6; LOS ANGELES, East 7th 
       (w/ Blazing Eye, The Dark, No Peace)
2/6; LA HABRA, Pepz Pizza *Note venue change*
       (w/ Zoloa, Fissure, Fundamental)
3/6; BAKERSFIELD, Narducci's *Note venue change*
       (w/ Mutant Itch, Ssyndrom, Skalv)
4/6; BERKELEY, World Rage Centre-backyard *Note venue change*
       (w/ Isotope, Odio, Syndrom)
5/6; PORTLAND, Black Water
       (w/ Suss Law, Violent Party)
6/6; PORTLAND, The Know
       (w/ Violent Party, Spetsnaz)

7/6; VICTORIA, Logan's Pub 
       (w/ Legit Heat, Collagen)
8/6; VICTORIA, Intrepid Theatre (All ages!)
       (w/ Violent Party, Iskra)

9/6; VANCOUVER, Have A Good Laugh Fest
       (w/ Narcoleptics, Suss-Law, Allergy, Violent Party)

For further info: J.M.D

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