Friday, May 13, 2016

偏執症者 (Paranoid) UK tour (leftovers), new merch, 7" reissue and new video!!

We are the road crew (+ Andy/Viral Age)! Gianluca/Split Veins, we had a blast, Cheers. Thanks to all promotors; Kev, Jack, Ben and Andy + all great bands that we played with. Unfortunately Skiplickers had to cancel on short notice. Which was a shame cause I was really looking forward to see them again. CrashThePose helped us out with the tour shirt (Stu, they came out great!). Check out CTP web this upcoming weeks for unique and new 偏執症者 (Paranoid) shirt designs. Last but not least, Pogger for the amazing art.

I really cant figure out why there is not more fuzz about Split Veins. They just released a great record, get it from Godzilla, like pronto.

Viral Age Records just repressed a vinyl version of "Punkdemonium Hell" including a cover of 'Nightmare or Reality' by Disclose. 600 copies with covers printed on cream cardboard an full colour obi strip. 500 copies on black vinyl and 100 on gold with extra screen printed cover. Labels and distros, get in touch with Viral Age for w/s and trades. 

* Mangel Ör Die (Tour red shirt, w/ backprint) - M, L, XL
* Mangel Ör Die - L, XL = 100sek
* Logo, Cap = 85sek
* Heavy Mental.., Baseball LS (black) - S, M, L, XL, XXL = 185sek
* Heavy Mental.., Baseball LS (red) - S, M, L, XL = 185sek
* Punkdemonium Hell, 7" (All LTD versions = SOLD OUT!)
* All seeing hell, Embroidered patch = 40sek


* Destroy future... 12" = 80sek
* Satyagraha (USA or EUR) 12" = 100sek
* Absolut/Paranoid, Split (EUR) 2x7" = 85sek
* Heavy mental Sweatpants - S200sek
* Satyagraha, T-shirt - SMLXLXXL = 80sek
* Make Smile?, T-shirt - LXLXXL = 80sek
* Suomi Saatana tour shirt (w/ backprint) - L = 150sek
* Punkdemonium Hell, T-shirt (3-color print) - SMLXL = 125sek
* Punkdemonium Hell, SWEATSHIRT (3-color print) S, L = 225sek
* Cover of the month, Anti Cimex tribute custom sticker = 5sek

* Suomi Saatana tour SWEATSHIRT (w/ backprint) - M = 300sek
* Logo, small patch = 5sek
* Distortion Faith #1 - V/a, Cassette


We thought we would celebrate the "Punkdemonium Hell" reissue with a new video. Now I leave you with all this and go to Norway for a short vacation. Talk more when I'm back mid next week.

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