Friday, September 19, 2014

SEX DWARF 12" out now!

The queues on vinyl pressing plants are crazy these days, to print a record now takes twice as long as for just six months ago. Fucking hypes! With that said, the long awaited SEX DWARF 12" is finally here.
European version on D&R while my brother from another mother is releasing the US version. The only difference is that european cover is green, while the US is red. There is a limited edition, go figure. I'll update this post with some pictures asap. No time for that right now I'm affraid.

 Sex Dwarf - Non-stop erotic... = 115sek (limited edition) + postage.

Sex Dwarf - Non-stop erotic... = 90sek (regular) + postage.

I'm still behind with everything since I got back to my regular work three weeks ago. Flood-updates, answering mails/orders, private life etc... Have patience, I'll answer each and everyone ASAP. Have a nice weekend.

Soundtrack: Allan Edwall - Visst är det bättre men int' är det bra

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