Friday, February 3, 2012

Brottskod 7" out now! Make pre-orders.

The 7" has finally hit the streets of Czech Republic. We will get our cut in 1-2 weeks, hopefully in time for the unofficial releaseparty in Östersund 17/2. It's released by Phobia Records, 500 copies (50 limited edition ). We will not get any extra ltd copies, so you have to order it direct from Phobia. Just want a plain and simple 7"? Mail us.

"Brand new seveninch coming out from Phobia Records. This time we´re proud to release 4 songs 7“EP from Swedish crust zombies BROTTSKOD 11 with Jocke D-Takt from Warvictims, Desperat or Electric Funeral on bass. Recorded in Empire Studio (September 2011) and mixed by Pontus Lindroth. You´ll get high quality crust / d-beat in the vein of Skitsystem, Warvictims or Dödsdömd. The amazing cover art is done by Chris Eliminate. One song from this 7“EP you can listen on our website. One-time press of 500 copies on purple vinyl. There´s also limited edition of 54 copies with screenprinted handnumbered special covers + patch + button".


Evil Emil said...

Crust zombies ;)

D-takt & Råpunk said...

EVIL: jodu, vissa "stämplar" är tydligen svårare att tvätt bort än andra. det är väl att vi skämtade till det och skrev med zombies på tacklistan. haha.

Evil Emil said...

Haha ja det lär ju ha varit det kanske. Men vem skulle inte tacka zombies liksom?! hehe