Sunday, February 12, 2012

GIFTGASATTACK - Peace//Collapse//Destroy - 5"

Out in march part 2; Three new Giftgasattack tracks from the same recording sessions as "8 track ep". Then you know what to expect, distortion to hell. Swedish finest d-noise apocalypse! 500 copies will be pressed and launched just in time for their UK tour in march. Next weekend GGA will destroy Germany:

16/2 - Rote Flora, Hamburg
17/2 - Liwi, Leipzig
18/2 - Köpi, Berlin

Don't miss it!

We're down to the 10 very last deluxe Infernöh 12" vinyl + shirt packages.

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Mark said...

I take it they'll be selling these on the tour? I should be at a couple of those uk dates