Monday, September 19, 2011

Box + split 7" pre-orders was sent yesterday!

26 hours and 107 packages later all paid pre-orders was counted, packed and sent away. Hopefully some swedish buyers will get there package today. Euorpe by the end of week and the rest of the world early/mid next week. We also sent a huge package with all the split 7's, a few boxes, Krömosom 12" and Glöm Dä! 7" to Sound Pollution. So if you live in Stockholm you can pick em up at the store.

Sorry I haven't been able to reply all your mails this weekend, needed to focus on the packing. I will take care of all the unanswered mails/orders tonight or latest tomorrow. Have patience. Thanks!

Soundtrack to the packing: Smut Peddlers, Nitad, Ghost, Hellshock, Isobel & November, Rednecks, Sänkt, Lauryn Hill, Terrible Feelings, Pentagram, Mark Knopfler, Naglfar, No Security, Rasta Hunden, Craft, Mc 5, Håkan Hellström, Corrupted, Bastard Priest, Manikins, Insurgent Kid, Kiss, Sage Francis, Capleton, Makabert Fynd, Spiders, Dischange, Ubba, Deep Purple, Abandon, Magnus Uggla, Manowar, Extreme Noise Terror, Räserbajs, Miasmal, Ramones, Neil Young, Krigshot, G.B.H, Calexico, Bonnie Prince Billy, Decontrol, Final Exit, Defari, Komas Mida, Thin Lizzy and Åke's best of hardcore comp.

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