Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Need the cash, need the space...SALE

THE SALE IS OVER! Thanks for all your orders!!! The shop will now be closed for a few weeks and don't expect no response to your emails within 24h. We are now taking a break from all label/band related stuff to rest and gather strength, hopefully we will be back at the end of september. You can still send emails and make orders, but it may take time before you get a response. Thanks for your understanding and patience!


Distortion Faith #1 - Fanzine = 10sek
Infernöh - War tjard - 12" = 90sek
Made in Japan - v/a - 12" = 100sek
Makabert Fynd - Ondskans flint - 7" = 40sek
Massgrav - Still the kings - 12" = 100sek
Nuclear Death Terror - Blood fire chaos death - pic. disc 12" = 150sek
+ postage!!!

1. Don't even bother to mail us if you know even before you order that you can't afford it.
2. After receiving order details/payment info and you feel like you no longer want it. Please could you be so kind and just notified us so that we can sell it to someone else.
3. We can't nor won't hold any packages longer than TWO weeks. Two weeks is fair enough, after these weeks your order will automatically be deleted. Same deal for everyone, no exceptions!
4. Swedish postage is fucking expensive! Trust us, we hate their prices as much as you. But you have to understand that we have no influence at all on their postage rates, so don't blame us.
5. No packages will be sent until we got paid and we do not have paypal, sorry!

Soundtrack: L7 - Wargasm


årre said...

kan du lägga undan en av varje? jag får pengar julen 2013. vore assjyst! annars så fyller jag din inbox med bajs.

D-takt & Råpunk said...

ÅRRE: ja visst inga problem. det är då du var garanterad den där julbonusen som du hade tänkt betala med va? 2013, går ju på en pisskvart. sen att det kanske finns andra som vill ha skivorna och att jag kanske inte riiikttigt har plats för att ha dem liggandes och drällande i över ett år gör inte så mycket. ring mig i mellandagarna så kirrar vi biffen gubbe.