Monday, March 18, 2013

Earth Hour 2013

Don't come talk to me about punk, struggle and unity if you can't even turn off the light for one hour. It requires so little of you to save so much. Be the change you want to see in the world. D&R supports Earth Hour, do you? Think of the future, tänk på barnen!

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Random said...

I turn ON!!! Drop out, eat the void.
Recharge by ways known forgotten. Give us the truth no more PRO-papaganda bullshit. (not you, exxElent blog. I mean the banksters , polluters , policymakers, journalists, dinnertablediscussion-Hitlers. So what if we live wothout light or electricity for a while, not likely anything gonna change-

The solutions, are reday, multiple,just waiting for the O.K.

Global warming, another of theres favorite topics.... KIndergartenschool science exposed as fraud and lies. But mention that to a misled greenpartymember youre in for a real treat. Politicians, Journalists, and the so called advisor are the most clueles. I mangae to save a friend from the greenaziparti, maybe my ood deed this year.

Ranting aside, desperat, kromosom,