Friday, May 17, 2013


I thought that Infernöh would be in a difficult position to follow up their debut. I got weak at the knees the first time they shared these new songs with me. Once again they show us all how real classic swedish hardcore mangel is supposed to be played. Intense, aggressive and loud! If you ask me I would say that Jonas (drums) is by far one of the best drummers we have up to date. The whole band complement each other which makes the outcome tight and ragging.

The US version is released today by Distort Reality, just in time for their US-tour.
We, the europeans, will have to wait patiently for about another month. The European version have a slightly different artwork, it will be pressed in 600copies (500x black, 100x limited mailorder edition on red/black splatter vinyl). Pre-orders are welcome, but since we had lots of problems last time with people making pre-orders but never paid nor returning our mails, this time around you pay at the same time as the pre-order is made. Than there is no turning back and I can avoid unnecessary headaches.

Scroll down a few post at this blog and you'll find a sample called "Uppror till salu" taken from the 12". Don't forget to pick up their brand new split 7" with Effluxus from Rust and Machine!!!

Last but not least, for those who missed the info, "WAR TJARD" is back in stock, 75sek + postage. For those who will catch Infernöh on tour can pick up a copy direct from the band.


Tompa said...

Fan vilken pepp! Plockar upp av dem på Chaos In Tejas annars kan du förvänta dig ett mail.

Anonymous said...

One of the best HC records in many years.Kim Nailed Down