Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sex Dwarf 7", Facebook/Instagram/Paypal etc...and closing the shop for a month!

Sex Dwarf 7" is NOT officially released yet, but soon enough! Me and Konto Crasher (US release) agreed that the band could start sell em at their show last week. We also agreed that we should release this vinyl 7" together as a team since its a split release. There is two versions available, 500x black, 200x grey. I will post a picture of the vinyls + further info as soon as it's out. Have patience, any day now.
- - - - - - - - - -
* Facebook = Just not interested, it feels superficial and I'll get the important info else where for sure. Chasing "likes", like who the fuck cares? For real. Couldn't care less.
* Instagram = I could give you more than ten different reasons why I will never use instagram. I don't even own a cell-phone to begin with.
* Twitter = What is it good for? Like a blog but with no pictures I was told. Don't follow any nor use it anyway...
* Paypal = Sorry, still don't have it.

Feels like I wrote this a million times, but there are still some who don't understand how things are.
I have this blog and my e-mail, that you'll find on the right side of this post, thats it. These I don't even use/check at daily basis anymore, so it make no sense to create more accounts. Then I'm not so comfortable to share my personal life with strangers. No offense, just that integrity has become more and more important to me how I see my friends and acquaintances seeking confirmation and getting lost in the cyber space. With that being said, please stop confusing me with others online, its NOT me!
And to create a D&R facebook page to sell more records
and reach a wider audience is to go against my own beliefs of running a label.
- - - - - - - - - -
In exactly two weeks I will fly to Usa/Canada to tour with Desperat, Mob 47 and Koszmar. Stoked! The road to mangel starts right here. Therefore, I will shut down the store for nearly a month starting next week. So if you want some records now is the time, if you dont wanna wait until sep/oct. No orders will be sent until its paid, have that in mind.

This blog has always been and will always be on my terms. I write what I feel and when I feel like it. Up the nature punx!

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