Friday, March 28, 2014

Diagnosis? Bastard! + Dissekerad 7" OUT NOW!

I mean, the first 7" that I released was great but compared to this new material its kind of weak. Fast, intense and organized chaos is what to expected. 350copies (250+100) made!
* Diagnosis? Bastard! - #2, 7" (black vinyl) = 40sek
* Diagnosis? Bastard! - #2, 7" (ltd orange vinyl/cover) = 45sek

Stockholm's finest, what else can one expect of old and experienced punks? Raw punk hardcore all the way! Co-release with my friends at Skrammel and Phobia. 500copies (350+150) made!
* Dissekerad - Attack, 7" (black vinyl) = 45sek
* Dissekerad - Attack, 7" (ltd pink vinyl + scr.printed covers) = 55sek

Sex Dwarf awaited debut 12" is coming up, you can already listen to a sample HERE. Don't forget about Earth Hour tomorrow. Btw... I just approved the Total Electric Funeral double LP discography TP's. It sounded exactly as I want it to sound, like a wall of chaotic noise!!!

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