Sunday, April 27, 2014

偏執症者 (Paranoid) tour leftovers!

 First of all, thanks a lot to Kev/I like bugs (miss you guys/girl) + all promotors/venues/bands/punx in UK and last but not least, great thanks to Irena/Active Rebellion for all the help with the merch on such short notice. Cheers. We totally had a blast even though the show in Bristol was a complete disaster (because of us). Bristol, we'll make it up to you next time! E.G.S and Skiplickers destroyed it in Leeds.

And so we've spent the last two days in our neighboring (black metal) country Norway. Two great nights in a row. Big-up to Atle/Mörkt Kapittel, D?B! and Odd-Arne/Steinkjer punk rock city! Hope to see you all in not so distant future. Enough with the shout out and lets get down to business. We printed a few things for these shows and now we have some leftovers up for sale. Few items on some so first-come, first-served!

The "Five Track EP" is still delayed but keep yourself updated at Konton Crashers blog for upcoming news and further release info.

Destroy Future Less System, T-shirts (front+back print) = 80sek + postage
* Yellow: 4L, 1XL
* Greyish: 1S, 1L, 3XL
* Steelblueish: 2L, 2XL

Destroy Future Less System, T-shirts (backside print).

* Screenprinted poster on thin paper (same frame as for the shirts was used) = 30sek
* Badges "Motörhead Mangel Or Die tribute" + "Knife Punk" = 5sek
* Bottle opener "Mangel Or Die" =
* D.F.L.S, demo cassette (silver version) = SOLD OUT!
* B/w patch = 5sek
* Knife Punk/N.W.O.B.H.M , T-shirts = 3S (dark grey, olive green, white), 2L (dark grey, red), 2XL (dark grey) = 100sek

* Stickers = Free with orders

Rundar av med en Fleksnes klassiker bara för att. Nu ska jag lägga mig på soffan och löka. Hörs.

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