Sunday, August 10, 2014

D&R flood updates

I figured it was time for a short update; After five days of hard and intense work my health starts to take a lot of beating and I feel very tired. All of your emails and your support is the only reason that I still have the energy to fight. It is total chaos and I have no idea where or how to begin again after something like this. I sleep and eat terribly bad, which results in that the body and my mind becoming weaker by every day. On saturday night, early sunday morning, it was heavy rain again and it was not far from another flood. But with careful preparation, we managed to get control of the water flow. I have to move my stuff, and it's urgent. I can not sleep at night because of the fear that it will start raining, and it is expected to get more rain this upcoming week. I'm not write all this to make you feel sorry for me, it's the last thing I want to! I just want to be straight up and honest with you.
have good friends who volunteer and I am forever grateful to them. T
ogether we have managed to save more than I first thought was possible. But it would've been impossible without their help.

Some have asked "Cant you just clean the vinyls and make new covers, or sell them with no covers at all?". Trust me, I've saved as much as possible.
What has been thrown is not worth all the extra work needed. I might have been able to save another 30-40% but then I had to clean vinyl by vinyl by myself from all the dirt, gravel and leaves and with some luck, maybe get half price for em in the end. On top of that, except for all the extra work, I would not have been able to open the D&R shop again until maybe the end of this year. The choice was difficult and painful, but I think I did the right thing. There is just not the time for it. Who knows, maybe I would have given up earlier and felt more hopelessness and depressed?
punk vinyls and merch is probably the most bizarre
feeling I've ever experienced in my entire life. And I really hope I never have to do it again.

At last, I
will answer all your mails (I've
received +400 in three days) by time, it's the least I can do after all you do and have done for me so far. Cheers!

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aStroStrich said...

Mucho ánimo! whatever you decide, you'll be doing the right thing, keep on going!