Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cover of the month (pt.1) - Into the crypts of Rays

Paranoid have this new project called "Cover of the month" for 2015 which we believe will be both inspiring and rewarding for us as a band and may force us to dare to think outside the box. It's easy to fall into the same rut when doing new riffs/songs after a few years. The project is to record 12 covers of bands that have inspired us in one way or another. Not only in our song writing today, but who influenced and made a great impression on us before we even started with Paranoid. That probably lies in our subconscious anyway.
We'll upload a new cover the first of each month on our YT channel. We also hope to have a few guests from the bands that we're doing covers of to join us in this insane project and that we may make collaborations with people we otherwise would never work with.

Our intention with the first cover was to choose something a bit unexpected. At first we talked about doing 'Outbreak of Evil' by Sodom, then we talked about 'Crucifixion' by Hellhammer. Eventuelly, we settled for Celtic Frost's 'Into the crypts of Rays'. A classic and brutal song from their debut album that derives to a time when it wasn't necessarily as divided into different genres as it is these days. Although some people deny that punks were influenced by the black/thrash metal scene in the very beginning and vice versa, it's a fact that still persists up to this day. Even though we consider ourselves to be a punk band that has the Japanese raw punk and hardcore scene as the greatest source, we're also inspired by other genres and subcultures. As long as it's noisy, raw and intense and feels honest and genuine. Few bands are able to match the early works of Celtic Frost, particularly when it comes to the primitive and raw sound.

The whole "Cover of the month" concept and idea is stolen from the Swedish punk band Sub Alert who did the exact same thing in 2010.

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