Saturday, December 31, 2016

Kind of celebrating 10 years...

Almost forgot, we are kind of celebrating 10 years this month/year. It was back at the Skitliv! fanzine era and we included a bonus CD-R with Warvictims in some crustmast issue. In the autumn of the following year we got more serious about the 'label-thing' and released our first load of vinyls. So one could also say that it really was the year after that everything started. Who cares? Haha. Anyway, I found a few old releases while cleaning up the dungeon. Unplayed, mint condition! First come, first served.

* Infernöh - War Tjard, 12" (black vinyl, first press) = 200sek
* Infernöh - 7 Spår E.P., 12" (black vinyl) = 120sek
Infernöh - 7 Spår E.P., 12" (splatter vinyl, LTD edition) = 200sek
* Disarm - Discography 82-87, 2x12" (black vinyl, first press) = 250sek
* Institution - Världens Ändstation, 7" (light blue vinyl) = 50sek
* Krossa - S/t, 7" (black vinyl, LTD edition, no: 29/50) = 75sek
* Giftgasattack - 8 Track EP, 7" (black vinyl) = 50sek
* Loud Pipes - The Downhill Blues, 12" (red vinyl) = 200sek


Great thanks to all the bands, distros/labels and all the others I had the honor to work with. And the biggest thanks to all who buy records and supporting us! Let's do 10 more years....not. Have a great end to 2016. Got some good shit cookin' for 2017. Stay tuned.

Soundtrack: Hjelle - 'Högst Medelmåttig',
Necrocurse - 'Grip Of The Dead' and Proteststorm - 'Tidens Malande Tänder'

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