Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mob 47 - Dom ljuger igen, 7" (re-issue!)

Yes, its true, we're re-releasing the long time sold out 'Dom ljuger igen' 7" by the almighty MOB 47. We will have both the regular and a limited mailorder version in stock. Its set for release tomorrow for the "Total May(hem) over Europe" tour start. Mail your orders and we'll take care of them as soon as we're back from the tour, end of May. Don't expect anything else than Garanterat Mangel!

My mail is a chapter by itself these days. My free gmail-account is on the limit to max capacity. I will work on this when I'm back and try slowly cleaing up all the unanswered mails. As always, so what's new? Anyway, my deepest apologies to you all, I truly mean no disrespect.

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