Friday, June 15, 2018

Tristess - Hardcore Demos, 12"

I remember the first time I got/heard TRISTESS first demo. It was in the beginning of 2000 and bands like Tragedy, Ekkaia and From Ashes Rise ruled the punk scene. Therefore, it was extra refreshing with a band that played classic Swedish Hardcore. No krångel! Only a few years later I moved to Umeå and saw how they, and many other bands from that era, evolved during their many live shows and recordings. I'm really glad that these two old demo tapes have been re-mastered by Kenko/Communichaos, got a new life and is now available so that more people can take part and enjoy a piece of Umeå Hardcore music history.

* TRISTESS - Hardcore Demos, 12" (reg/ltd) = 105/135sek
+ shipping

500 copies made, 100x yellow and 400x black vinyl. The ltd version comes with a guitar pick set (0.60, 0.73, 0.88 and 1.00mm). One pick for each member. Distros/labels get in touch for w/s or further info.

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