Thursday, December 20, 2018

Back from hell... kind of...

July; summer time+work. August; "the second wave", another flood struck the D&R hq. September; system overloaded and collapse. October; canceled US-tour and total darkness. November; slowly coming back + sent a bunch of new releases to the pressing plant. December; started a painful and costly dental treatment + sent a second batch of releases for print.

There you go,
my last six months in brief. Oh, my computer also crashed in April, and we lost tons of work (album covers, music masters, photos and so on...). 2018, what a shitty fucking year!

To sum it up, D&R have not been that effective in recent months, but have a lot going on for winter/spring 2019. The flood in August was worse than last time but I was prepared so the damage was not as severe.
But still lots of stuff got ruined. The insurance covered most of everything so I didn't or don't wanna make to much fuzz about it. Will go through it all when I get there, then post a list on this blog of water damaged cheap stuff for those interested.

Yet another year coming up, I guess the struggle continues.

Soundtrack: Rixe

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