Sunday, March 10, 2019

5x NEW releases!!!

* S.L.A.R.V. -  Skitsmak i munnen..., 12" = 110sek/125sek (reg/ltd)
Noisy chaotic hardcore attack from Malmö/Sweden. Sharing members with bands as Skitkids, Glorious?, Infernöh and many more. Having said that, they know the drill. Originally released on cassette in 2014. Remastered and limited to 350 copies (100 transparent red vinyl w/ patch and poster).

* NUCLEAR POWER GENOCIDE - Devastation of the future, 7" = 65sek
Total scandinadian jawbreaking käng devastation. Absolut+Paranoid = true. 600 total press on black vinyl. Self released in North America.

* SVAVELDIOXID - Dödsögonblick, 12" = 125sek
The follow-up to their hyped debut. Finally! Ten tracks of classic ‘80s/’90s inspired kängpunk. Engineered by Jutila at Studio D-takt. 600 total press on black vinyl with gatefold cover. Co-release with Konton Crasher (US).

* LANGUID - Submission is the only freedom, 12" = 130sek/150sek (reg/ltd)
I am childishly fond of this kind of riffs and sound. Dischange worship done proper. Who the hell doesn't love Dischange? 600 total press (200 nat. white vinyl w/ poster). Co-release with Brain Solvent Propaganda (US).

* LÖSS - S/t, 7" = 55sek/65sek (reg/ltd)
I saw 'Löss' live for the first time in Copenhagen 2017. I've been a fan ever since. Honest and straightforward GBG-hardcore punk. 500 total press (100 pink vinyl).

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