Friday, January 31, 2020

Bombanfall 7" - Out now!

* BOMBANFALL - Åsiktsfrihet, 7" = SOLD OUT!
First time official reissue of this highly influential Swedish classic from 1987. 6 tracks of dark and punishing hardcore punk from a time when no other bands had the same unique sound. Restored from original release by Lanchy and Kenko/Communichaos Media Clay Station. 500 total press (black vinyl). Hand-numbered sticker on the outer plastic sleeve and A4 lyric sheet.

NOTE: the 7" is pretty much already sold out, we're down to the very last two boxes. BUT without any covers. We've had problems with a large number of covers and we expect new ones from the printers within a few weeks. In order to guarantee a copy, advance payment applies! We've sold the majority of the total edition to various distros and stores from all over the world, so it will be available even though we've sold out. A complete list of everyone we sent to will be posted shortly.

The pressing plant also mixed-up the labels, so for the first time ever we have the D&R label logo on side A.

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