Monday, June 1, 2020

Misiliski, Scarecrow and Bombanfall repress - OUT NOW!

* SCARECROW - Revenge E.P., 7" = 75sek/85sek (Reg/Ltd)
350 total press (100 transp-magenta). The best US hardcore band/7" I've heard in a while. When it comes to this "Swedish influenced" styled hardcore (mangel) there is no one, in recent years, who does it better and more justice than the americans. They have refined and developed the Swedish heritage and turned it into their own sound. A brilliant display of riffs, pure brutality and ferocious speed. European version, originally released by Bunker Punks (US). Mängel up your ass!

* MISILISKI - Maboroshi, 7" = 75sek/85sek (Reg/Ltd)
350 total press (100 turquoise). Misiliski from Tokyo, Japan, has that genuine punk attitude but at the same time the melodies that characterize a great pop band. It's easy to stare yourself blind on the members history and expecting hardcore punk blasting from the speakers. Think again, what you'll get is modern and fresh '77 suburban punk sound akin to The Vicious, Avengers, Adolescents and similar. This is their third 7" EP. 4 songs. We also have their debut 7" in stock, for those who missed out.

* BOMBANFALL - Åsiktsfrihet, 7" = 85sek 500 total press (red vinyl). Back in stock! Highly influential Swedish classic from 1987. 6 tracks of dark and punishing hardcore punk from a time when no other bands had the same unique sound. Restored from original release by Lanchy and Kenko/Communichaos Media Clay Station.


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