Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DISARM and KROSSA finally OUT!!!

Today is the day that many of you, including myself, have been waiting for. Disarm is finally out, and it's selling fast so you better be faster then a shark if you wanna get hold of a copy. We've got tons of pre-orders and we'll get in touch with all of you with the details later tonight/tomorrow.
/D&R hq

1x Disarm - Discography 82-87 - 2x12" = 200kr / 33€ / $45
(black vinyl, first press)
2x Disarm - Discography 82-87 - 2x12" = 364kr / 57€ / $76
3x Disarm - Discography 82-87 - 2x12" = 504kr / 72€ / $95
4x Disarm - Discography 82-87 - 2x12" = 644kr / 87€ / $114
postage included! (NOTICE it's 2x12" not 4x12" like on the picture).

1x Disarm - Discography 82-87 - CD = 92kr / 12€ / $15 (digipak)
postage included!

1x Krossa - S/t - 7" = 54kr / 8.50€ / $12 (yellow and orange vinyl)
2x Krossa - S/t - 7" = 84kr / 12€ / $16
3x Krossa - S/t - 7" = 114kr / 15€ / $20
postage included! (choose either yellow or oranage vinyl).


Anonymous said...

ojoj va grymt!!!!

Rebel youth said...

Yes, Yes, Yes! Give me, Give me, Give me!

Anonymous said...

var trycker ni era skivor? skulle vilja kolla lite olika ställen

Simon said...

Som jag väntat på detta släpp. Jävligt grymt.

D-takt & Råpunk said...

D&R släpper bara grymma och råa skivor. Vi pressar i tyskland (Eldorado).

Anonymous said...

so.. its mean clear vinyl was 2nd press? doesnt it released at the same time? i thought it was lmtd ed. or something.
why didnt stated it earlier?

D-takt & Råpunk said...

first press = 500x black vinyl with vinyl sticker.

second press = 500x clear vinyl.

we have wrote it at myspace and on some flyers. we also wrote that you had to make a pre-order to make sure to get hold of a copy. sometimes people needs to be more alert.

Unknown said...

Is it still possible to get the DISCOgraphy on digipac? And does that include lyrics?

D-takt & Råpunk said...

mikkel f: send me mail and we'll take it from there. it have been sold out for very long but i found one box now while i cleaning my closet =)