Wednesday, June 23, 2010


In the last month we have received more than 50-60 emails from bands asking for "a record deal". Therefore we though it is about time to make a short statement (or whatever you want call it).

First of all, we're honoured and grateful for most of the emails; trust me: we really are!

However, there are some bands that send out the same group email to 30-40 record labels with the same content. To bands like this please read this: Stop wasting everyone’s time!

Don't get us wrong, please continue to read this blog/message.

D-takt & Råpunk is strictly a D.I.Y and independent punk label
that we run in our spare time and sometimes neither time nor money is enough. We would love to release all great punk recordings from around the world, but there ain't enough time for it! And unfortunately we don't have the money for it either!
To all of you who think that you can make a living and gain profits from releasing cheap punk records, please think again!

We will gladly read all your emails, and we do try to answer them all as well, and we're thankful for you letting us know when your band has recorded new stuff and that you are all keeping us updated. However, of late, we've got the feeling that it is not about that any longer.

Most or less all emails we receive today are pathetically begging us to “please release my band". Some bands have even offered us money if they could use our label logo on the back of their record cover. This is not how it works!

I mean, are you that desperate? We really appreciate a personal written note before a mass-spam mail! Otherwise we will think that you are from a band that would release their recording with the first best label that would answer.

Please fill in the blanks because we don't understand: Do you just want to release any record? And any label will do?

Some bands ask us to forward their mail to "our contacts"; what would that help? If you want to release a record you have to work hard for it yourself. It is impossible for us to know what kinds of ideals you have and what you ask of a label. It would also make a much better impression if YOU mail them, not us. Surely you understand how stupid this all is?

Here is a suggestion: Looking through your own record collection and pick out the labels that you think release great music and stands for good stuff, contact them directly!

In closing, just to make sure that you have not misunderstood us:

Please do continue to keep us posted about your future plans and when you have recorded new blasting tracks! We're looking forward to hearing every raw punk chord in the world! However, if you are just looking for a "record deal" then it is better that you email some other label because we can't help you. Please note: We don’t make “record deals” with bands that we release: D-takt & Råpunk is a strictly D.I.Y and independent punk label ! Have always been and will always be !

So please, if you intend to email us and ask us to release your latest recording: Please make sure to read this message once more.
And if you can't find any decent label, for god's sake; Do It Yourself! Thanks. Up the punx!
/D&R, HQ


Virkol said...

Good note!

Hasse said...

word! DIY is the only way!!!

Jørgen said...

Agree..Well said/written

Masken said...

Bra skit, bara att instämma. Gör det själva, varför vänta på att nån annan ska göra det åt er? Behöver varken bli så krångligt eller dyrt (okej lite dyrt blir det, men förhoppningsvis får man ju tillbaka en del av pengarna iaf). Vill man så går det...

Anonymous said...

everyone wants the fame for d-beat. I say d-beat shall remain underground.

Anonymous said...

hah pathetic, how many of them were american? you should list the bands that tried doing this.

Anonymous said...

this IS shitty why does everything have to be mainstream? I give them effort for trying but please keep things diy, punks aren't suppose to be rockstars anyways.