Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's skateboard time.

This morning I overslept and I was catching an early train for going to Sundsvall during the day. With a flat tired on my bike I took my skate, first ride for this season. As always it's a little bit wobbly at the beginning, am not 13 any longer and I do not skate as often as I did back in the days. On my way back home I cranked my mp3-player with Metallicas masterpiece "...and justice for all" on level 29 of 30 so I did not hear nor notice the car that came from my right. It was really close that it ended badly but instead of being hit by the car I got a sprained hand and ragged pants. It's really swollen and it hurts like hell, no rehearsal for my tonight. Won't be able to pack any orders for the next upcoming days either for that matter, can't barely move my fingers on my left hand. Please have patience. Enought with the skate stories.

Last week was very hectic and I did not have the time to take a picture of my new awesome gifts from Yoshiharu. Remember the d.i.y clocks I wrote about some week ago? Guess what that crazy japanese punk have done, he made and sent me three brand new clocks; Disclose, D-takt & Råpunk and Electric Funeral. Plus a bunch of patches. Super kudos and thanks a million! I'll make it up somehow my friend. Yesterday it was christmast time part two with a package from Masken. Inside I found both versions of the cover album release of Sub Alert. Great idea and a well done project by Masken and his friends. You know what you will get in return. As soon as I find the time =)

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damn, man, thats crazy but I'm glad your okay. Get better, man. Those alarm clocks look sick would your friend make me one?