Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A parasites split record - swedish special

Looki looki what I found when I checked my box today. First up is a split record with my d-beat raw punk friends Dispose from Lule. This time they've teamed up with the punkthrashers Häväistys from Japan. My stereo is busy with other rubbish at the moment, but tonight I will play it loud for my neighbors!

Also got a bunch of the german zine "A Parasites life is better than yours". Tons of reading with nice b/w cut and paste layout. This issue is a swedish special and I've answered a few questions about D&R and Warre. Other bands interviewed are The Baboon Show, Schizofrehn Zine, Sista Sekunden, Slöa Knivar/Future Ruins, Beyond Pink + lot more... Get in touch with Bäppi "parasiteslife(a)googlemail.com" if you wanna order a copy. And you really should.

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