Tuesday, June 28, 2011

D(-takt)ISTERROR & Råpunk

Some band from South America thought it was a good idea of cut and paste Extreme Noise Terror + Disgust logo's together. On top of that they use D&R logo as a band logo. Nice!
"I saw three cool punk skulls with spiked hair at the backside of some random record cover that we can use"
. Now this is F.T.W attitude at its best and I fucking love it. I advocate no copyright bullshit, but please some own imagination wouldn't hurt. Am honored and to be honest I'm no better than Disterror since I brutally and mercilessly stole it myself. At least I let Stiv Of War re-draw it for me. Thanks to Bombs Away for mailing me the picture. Hilarious.


D-takt & Råpunk said...

B.A.R: nah, wouldn't say that, just a great informer with funny news.

200muertos said...

great south ameican band, formed in the 2008..the band ia a tribute to discharge and ENT