Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cover of the month (Aprils fools' day) - Ubåten

We wanted to choose a very unexpected song with an unexpected band. Now that we're from Sweden and since Strebers is one of our absolute favorite Swedish bands of all time there was no doubt that we would do a cover on them. We assume that people expect that we at least would record a few Swedish songs during this project, but probably not this one.

At first we gave "Betongbarn" (of course) a few tries, but we felt that it was too obvious. The reasoning in Paranoid was that we always complicate everything so damn much that we just wanted to take on a short, but most important, simple cover for once.
"Ubåten" is according to us a forgotten, hidden and underrated song among all the other brilliant trallpunk/folk music classics in their back catalog. Strebers needs no further introduction and since it's a short song, short story behind. No krångel. Play it fucking loud and singalong; I left my ubåt in Kvicksund!

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