Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Giftgasattack - Noise Hero - 12" + more...

We got lots of mail asking about our upcoming releases. D&R and the pressing plant have been having vacation. Sista Kriget 7" was sent to the pressing plant before the summer holidays and we just sent Giftgasattack 12".
Only the music though since we still waiting for the backside artwork to be done.
Meanwhile we all are waiting for the records to be released we've updated our myspace with two new tracks, one from each release. For some reason they ended up as the two last songs on the playlist. Fucking myspace always modernizing the layout, how to update and such. Getting sick and tired of it! Arrgghhh. Anyone that can help me out with a simple homepage instead?

Kvoteringen 7" are a little bit delayed, we'll inform you all as soon as we know more. Larre and Calle of Kvoteringen have started a new label; De:Nihil. First up is the Kvoteringen 7" and a new Nitad 7". Guess that they will release some more rad stuff in the future so give em your support.

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