Thursday, August 19, 2010

Records for sale!

A friend of mine asked me if
I could post this:

"Selling some records from earlier trades. Some of them are never played, some are played but in mint condition.
They cost 80 SEK/9 EUR/11 USD + shipping each.
Contact me at: jens dot paulsson at gmail dot com"

* Iskra - s/t LP (Profane existence) 2 ex.
* Garmonbozia - s/t LP (Profane existence)
* Provoked - Infant in the womb of warfare LP (Profane existence)
* Remains of the day - Hanging on rebellion LP (Yellow dog)
* Remains of the day - An underlying frequence (Yellow dog)
* Wolfbrigade - Progression/Regression LP (Farewell/Plastic bomb)
* Wolfbrigade - In darkness you feel no regrets LP (Feral ward)
* Wolfbrigade - A d-beat odyssey LP (Havoc)

First come, first served!

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