Friday, August 27, 2010

zine mayhem

Also got some zines in the p.o. box today. How I love these old school cut and paste zines. Am so glad that there's still some hardcore peeps out there who's keep'n it real.

First out is Ex Ánimo #4 (in swedish), the zine includes an interview with Vicious Irene (the band with awesome guitarsound!), live reviews, lots of em + two recipes. The bananacake sounds delicious so am actually gonna try that one out tomorrow. Forgot to say thanks for the last zine they sent, so big thanks for both of em.

Then there is Upheaval #13 (in english), which taken over three years to complete due various reasons. Like Craig writes "life got in the way of publishing this fanzine sooner...". Hey, better late then never. Interviews with Agitator, Malazlar + over 100 reviews + more. Cheers! Mail Craig at: upheaval.fanzine (a)

Bought the latest issue of Cow Mag #8 (in swedish) at punkkarnevalen. Interviews with Besthöven, Anatomi -71, Makabert Fynd + much more. Buy and support all zine makers meanwhile they still exists instead of reading a boring blog like this.

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