Friday, April 15, 2011

DISclosed a tribute to Disclose and Kawakami

Today the box was full of goodies. First up a new split zine (Despite) with an old Warvictims interview from january 2010. Second package was a bunch of Desperat + Electric Funeral shirts from Berzerker Wear. Last package I've been waiting for over two years and finally it's here; DISCLOSED, a Disclose tribute comp cd. Warvictims contributes with the song Victim.

Consist 16 bands and 23 tracks covering Disclose top hits. Booklet contains 20 b/w pages of each band artwork and some late words for late Kawakami. Except Warvictims you'll find covers with bands such as Distress, Diskontroll, Besthöven, Deconformed, Wardogs, Gatt, Warchrist, Dispose, Los Rezios, Slaktattack, Lowfat, Give Up All Hope, Peace or annihilation, Filthcum and Discover. Each band represent with their own style.

100 copies limited mailorder edition with embroidery DISCLOSE patch can be found at BLACK SEEDS who released this great cd. Big up! We have a few cd's in stock if interested 80sek+ postage. For wholesale mail Jery von BS.


Masken said...

Fick hem denna i början av veckan, var väl okej tyckte jag :-) Stilig patch också att sy på lämpligt plagg.

D-takt & Råpunk said...

MASKEN: fan jag fick inge patch. mailade och gnällde så jag skulle få byta till mig en. den limiterade upplagan va slut iaf.