Saturday, April 30, 2011

Seven inch sista april + loppisfynd

The idea was that I would clean up the vinyl shelf but instead I was sitting in seven hours and listened to the forgotten seven inch oldies, and of course some new ones. Amdi Petersens Arme, Förmögenhet, Selfish, Robots, Him Kerosene, Radioaktiva Räkor, Assel, Grinners, Doom, Consume, Masslakt, U.x. Vileheads, The Satans, A*Teem, Kaaos, Totalitär, Iron Lamb, Bad Religion, Tribulation, Randy, Livin Sacrifice, Turbonegro, Exploited, Nitad, Disclose, Wildliw, Zyanose, Kids Are Sick, Technotronic, Bäddat För Trubbel, Hellnation, Fireside, Bastards, Raped Teenagers, Hyena, Lazy Southern Dogs, Alien, Gloom, Sage Francis, Crudity, Robert Johnson and the Punchdrunks, Vrävarna, Räserbajs, Breach, Hellacopters, Anti Bofors, L.a. Style, Nofx, Magnus Uggla, Alice Cooper...and so on...

Earlier today I drove around to various flea markets. Found two books for 2sek/each. I've wanted to read em both for years, now there's no excuse not to do it. Up next is a chick flick.

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lortgrodan said...

Hyfsat pris för två mer än hyfsade böcker.