Thursday, August 25, 2011

I just wanna go home

I have followed and loved Grande Roses ever since I bought a CD-R with the band several years ago. They had a feeling that I always miss in many bands, especially Görans voice. It has always been a tremendous feeling and energy in both the music and vocals. Later on, I released a 7" (Arctic Heart EP) with the band on my label New Noise Records. I had not, unfortunately, those contacts that the band might have needed, but I still wanted to support them so bad. Today I am really glad that they have signed with Capital, and I truely hope that more people come to terms with their music cause they really deserves it! They just released a 12" called "Hide".

UPDATE: I have a few copies in stock, 80sek + postage!!!

If it is possible to dedicate a song that I have not written to someone, I would like to dedicate "Go home" to all my friends in Stockholm.

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