Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mor eNoize #6 zine-o-mania

Mor eNoize #6
Here's a quick late summer issue of More Noize fanzine. It includes an interview with Swedish hardcore pioneer Rolf Revolt about Krig I Hudik and Missbrukarna, a guest column by Mr. Richard "Militia" Walker talking about the Gauze UK tour, his old band Warfear and why Cal Morris is not playing in Discharge, a fictional short story "After The Scene Died" by Gwil James Thomas, further proof of the retardedness of the band Crazy Spirit from NYC, a rough and ready introduction to Mexico's contemporary hardcore punk scene and three pages of honest reviews of recent DIY hardcore punk records, tapes and zines.

All in English. 12 pages of A4 sized pro-printed paper. First print-run 300 ex.

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