Friday, February 25, 2011

Rawmantic DISasters records from Germany

Toda is an old friend who did his best to help out Warvictims with our european tour, which we never made. In his last mail he informed me about his new label, and since I think it will be one hell of a label and since Toda is one hell of a guy I promissed him that I would post some short notes about it here.

"this is toda from berlin city. i use to set up shows in berlin since more than 11 years now for DIY hardcore/punk/crust/grind bands. the last 7 years i put up countless shows with my friends in köpi squat, especially in koma f basement. i met a lot of good people from around the world and still try to give as much support as possible. i played in several bands in the last 13 years like Dead Kaspar Hausers (primitive Dis-beat, 2 vinyl lp's), köterkacke (stupid but famous "deutschpunk"-outfit, really succesessfull demotape in 1999), Disappear (no description needed i think, 1 demo), 20 Seconds to Comply (crustcore, 1 demo), Verdunkeln (d-beat crust with members of migra violenta, lies feed the machine etc., nothing released) etc etc...actually i play drums in Peacebastard with members of mvd, to what end, reactory etc...(we released an ep right now) since i have a regular work (in kindergarten) and some money left, i decided to start my own label to bury as much money as possible, hehe. and now i go for it!!!

my philosophie for the label:

first and most important, i am really tired of waiting for records i want that take so much time to be released or often never happen as i am a 24/7 vinyl junkie. I HATE CD'S!!! also i wanna support younger, newer, older whatever bands i like to get their stuff released to the public. it is nothing about making profit, true DIY ethic!!! i got so much good , important experiences from the (so-called) scene with political actions, shows, and last but not least music (noise), so i wanna give something back as i have the possibillities while living in the "first world".
i will release noise only i am really into. that means dis-noise , raw punk, crustcore and Grind and finally (please forgive me) ultrabrutal britcore hiphop (the most harsh noise i know). i am open to trade and make wholesales.
i am allways up for new projects/cooperations/trades etc...also, if you need a show on your tour in berlin, just get in contact. thanx for reading! JOINING FORCES!!! //toda"

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Mulle said...

Jomen han har man ju träffat,trevlig normal kille.Sånt gillar vi!

Finns ny kraniumlåt på bloggen,från splitten med dispose,ladda ner och sprid vidare.