Thursday, August 11, 2011

TJM-13 long(skate)board stencil

I pimped a friends son's longboard, and If I should make a stencil I might as well make some rad motive. I stole DS-13 "thrash and burn" and added a TJM logo on the board. Turned out quite ok. Excuse my silence the past week. Started working this monday + night time
I have packed orders and listen to tons of new music; Nuklear Blast Suntan, Återfall, Out Of Vogue, Night Fever, Terrible Feelings, Maim, Truncheons, Leprosy, Pyramido, Svartenbrandt + much more...

The KRÖMOSOM 12" is almost soldout so if you wanna catch a copy before they all are gone you better hurry!


Ronnie said...

Jag gillar att du gillar oss!

D-takt & Råpunk said...

RONNIE: beställde den senaste, bra jävla doom. ska rota lite mer i er diskografi.