Friday, November 4, 2011

Daydreaming just so sick of it all

I realize that I haven't been as active as I use to be since I got back from the Japan tour. Feels like nobody gives a shit anyway and I have better things to do than feeding you with unimportant info.
I am
becoming more and more disgusted
with computers, blogs, facebook, various forums, twitter and what ever everybody is using today. So much information for so little real content. Am drowning in bullshit, advertising, and one post more idiotic than the other. Am fed up! Today am checking my mail, looking at "svtplay" and google info once a while. Lately my band members is more or less doing all the other work when it comes to band related stuff on the net.
Maybe am having a down period or maybe am just done with this blogging thing. Haven't decided yet, time will tell. Meanwhile am just daydreaming away youtubing amazing japanese shows that I've been on. My intentions was to also update with some pictures from the tour some day. But then I ask myself, who gives a damn? For real.

D-Clone, Nagoya

Isterismo, Tokyo

Schizophrenia, Nagoya

Life, Tokyo

System Fucker, Nagoya

Unarm, Tokyo


Dan said...

my thoughts exactly
but couldnt find the right words
yeah,i can do another pissed off post,but this above sums it up pretty much
thought i was the only one and there was something wrong with me but glad to see more people are discontent how things go
and speak out
just found your blog so don't stop now ;-0
keep up the good work!



Bombs away records said...

Jocke,Id like to see you continue your work here on your blog. I follow your blog everyday and i get a few hints & tips on bands or releases from here. Write shit and thoughts - We all read and comment it.It`s allowed to be tired and sick of it all.. bla bla bla.. love you man ;D

DK said...

Man måste tillstå att System Fucker var en bunt fagra gossar. Så tjusiga är folk sällan här hemma. Har du någon skiva att rekommendera med bandet ifråga?

Pjär Skrikhals said...

Hey man! Don´t stop writing your wounderful blogg!!! Your blogg is on my top-5 list! ;-)Without your blogg I wouldn´t have found out of some amazing bands round the world and your of course your food recipes. Fucking amazing! I just think you have a small downperiod in your life ;-) I´ll cheer you up next time you visit Stockholm ;-)
Cheers mate and keep the good stuff up!

DK said...

Om du har något tips på vart jag kan köpa System Fuckers platta så lyssnar jag med stora öron!

D-takt & Råpunk said...

Thanks you all for your posts! Got a bunch of mails too, wish that many of you had written your opinions here instead because I felt that many of you who wrote to me had a lot of sense to say.

D-takt & Råpunk said...

DK: jag har några ex av System Fucker/D-clone split 7" till salu. 85kr/st + frakt. jag vet galet dyrt, men det är de där förbannade japanerna som tar dessa priser. annars kan jag rekommendera att snoka runt i diverse distros. brukar kunna ha en hel del roligt, för ok priser.