Monday, November 7, 2011

Sjuka Signaler - Podcast punk radio show

Before I forget it, there's a new punk/hardcore podcast radio from Umeå, Sweden called Sjuka Signaler. The language is Swedish but the music is international. Here you can download program 1 and 2. Here's a word from one of the editorial staff:

"You are most welcome, dear punx and radio listeners, to the radio show Sjuka Signaler. I (TB) and John have for a long time had an idea to start broadcasting radio together. Originally the plan was to make podcasts from home, obviously it never happened. Instead, we now begin to pump out thrash and noise the airwaves via Umeå studentradio, when we are both students at Umeå University. At the student radio's website you will be able to listen live as we broadcast and through this blog, we had planned to play the role that you, our prospective listeners, to contact us, either shelf or heckle us, or both. /TB"

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