Friday, November 18, 2011

TYFT and local Jazz

Last night
I was at a local jazz gig. The first trio was great,
enormously talented musicians, but they played the kind of style I rather listen to on a record in my solitude at home. Soft and stable with a very nice feeling to it.
What I want is more
excitement when I see jazz live, more unpredictable mayhems, that you never really know what happens next. I prefer when it's a bit dangerous, chaotic but unpretentious.

While we
're on the subject pretentious. Then we have
the second band...well, don't get me started. Youngsters that just wanted to be "Jazz" so bad. The guy who played the clarinet was superior and I have seen the drummer play in other bands where I have been impressed with his drumming. I have no idea what he was doing behind the drums yesterday. And what the hell was the out of tune acoustic guitar doing there?
I myself am an amateur on the subject of jazz, so I have not really the right to speak. I know at least what I think sounds good and bad.

I had to clean my ears with some TYFT (see the youtube clip above). A band I was recommended by a friend many years ago. The very same friend asked them at a concert if they've ever heard Breach. They hadn't, at least what they claimed.

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