Saturday, January 22, 2011

2010/2011: Krömosom

- Kromosom was officially a band august 2010. We recorded a demo and started gigging. The demo was well received and got a few offers from labels. In October we supported isterismo on their Australian tour.

- Jan 17 2011 we laid down the tracks for a 12". This record will be released by freedom figther (japan), d takt n rå punk (europe) havoc (us) and hardcore victim.
This is our international tour itenary for 2011:
* July 1 to 25 USA
* September 17 to 25 japan w/ isterismo

Future releases:
* S/t 12"
* Split 7 w isterismo
* 7"
* Comp tracks

Noise for your ears:
Teargas - intense hardcore brisbane australia. Great live energy That make kids go ape shit..they have a 7" on hardcore victim. On tour in USA in June w their new lp.

Appärattus - Malaysian Punk bands heavily influenced by 80s Scandinavian Hardcore. Their hardcore religion lp on shogun is a gem! If you don't have it look for it. They will be touring Australia in November w a new 7" featuring Honsa from disarm on vox.

Leprosy- if you love ukhc 82 like I do. You will like this guys! Think chaos uk, chaotic dischord, disorder. Good band to pogo to own you had a few beers! From Melbourne..

Vaginors - noise punk noise punk!!! Adelaide australiA 's vaginor are bringing the pogo party!!! If you love 81 - 84 Kyushu hc. This is your smack!

Vaccum - they are from bay area! I think they are somewhat the continuation of morpheme (how good are they?) . This band feat Robert Collins on vox! Noisy reverb driven scandi hc!!!!! Check out their demo now.

Isterismo!!! Loud as shit! Their live sound will pyhsically violate you. Aggressive live presence turned up to 12...noise noise noise! Gloom/ wretched worship style..

For further info: Krömosom, Hardcore Victim

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